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ShareDYDD was started by the Destitution Working Group of Cardiff City of Sanctuary. The Group was formed out of a concern for the number of destitute asylum seekers in the Cardiff area, estimated to be currently up to 100.


“For me, hosting people who are seeking asylum and are looking for a short-term place to live has been very positive. Having initially approached hosting with some reservations, I have found it to be enjoyable and a wonderful opportunity to develop friendships with people from varied cultures and life experiences whom I would otherwise have not had the pleasure to meet and get to know. Hosting has undoubtedly enriched my life, as well as left me feeling grateful for being able to support people in this way. In turn, the support that I have received in being a host has been excellent, and it has been wonderful to be part of the growing network of hosts in the Cardiff area.”

(M. Jones, Oct 2014)

We are a network of individuals hosting destitute asylum seekers in the South Wales area. This spare-rooms network, ‘ShareDYDD’ is modelled on the long running Swansea-based project ‘SHARETawe’.

We don’t turn people away from our support projects if they are not asylum seekers, and have worked with people from all backgrounds to find them places to stay. We do, however, recognise the unique situation that people seeking sanctuary are in, and the limits that they face due to having NRPF*.

We are an independent and confidential service for some of the more vulnerable people in our society and communities.

We are also involved in networks with other organisations and are aiming to tackle homelessness wherever it occurs.

We started as a network of individuals from different organisations aiming to tackle homelessness, but also recognising the uniquely difficult situation that people seeking sanctuary can be in, and prioritising support for those who need it the most.

ShareDYDD has nothing to do with the Home Office or NASS.

If you want to read more about us, click here for our leaflets and other resources.

*NRPF = No Recourse to Public Funds. More info here.

ShareDYDD is part of the ‘No Accommodation’ (NACCOM) Network.


This is a network of organisations across the UK supporting destitute asylum seekers and refugees through the provision of accommodation.

The network is one way organisations can share ideas and expertise, and encourage one another.  The network would also be helpful to those who are considering providing accommodation to asylum seekers and refugees in their community.

At present the network includes 32 organisations from towns and cities across the UK.

NACCOM links – Here are some links to organisations in other cities that are also part of NACCOM and do similar work to us.

What is the aim of ShareDYDD?

To offer hospitality, in the form of accommodation, meals, welcome and solidarity, to destitute asylum seekers in and around Cardiff.

How do Asylum Seekers become Destitute?

Asylum seekers become destitute because they have been refused sanctuary by the Government and all financial and other forms of support has been withdrawn from them.

What can be done?

ShareDYDD is looking for hosts who will:

  • Offer a room in your home to a destitute asylum seeker for a night, a weekend, 2 weeks or occasionally longer.
  • Support a host by inviting their guest to dinner, once a week/once a month…
  • Buy a mobile phone top-up for a guest

You could also set up a Standing Order for regular financial help, or make a one off donation through our Paypal:

PayPal Donate Button

How does the hosting process work?

In its simplified form:

  • The host first registers, then provides dates of availability that are put onto a co-ordinators’ spreadsheet.
  • The host will be contacted when there is a referral to check that those dates are still free.
  • Volunteers will arrange a time to meet the guest and bring them to the hosts’ accommodation.
  • The guest will then meet the host, go through the basic ground rules and if both are happy, set a day for the guest to begin their stay.

What else is needed?

Donations (clothes, especially baby, or other items)

Volunteering in our office


Providing travel support for destitute asylum seekers travelling between Cardiff and Newport

Please email if you feel you can help in any way. The contact address is sharedydd[at]

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