The co-ordinated support for destitute sanctuary seekers in Cardiff began with the creation of the Cardiff City of Sanctuary steering group in 2012, which then helped to form the ‘Destitution Working group’ (as well as other ‘Streams of Sanctuary’). As much of the initial energy of this group was focused on ShareDYDD, Cardiff Destitution Network was relaunched (in late October/early November 2014), and we now plan to meet at least every few months to build a broad Cardiff-based network of organisations, that aims to tackle destitution in Cardiff, Newport and the Vale of Glamorgan.

People seeking sanctuary can become destitute when the Home Office withdraw the basic support they need to live on. We want to give people back support in this situation, as most people have nowhere else to turn to. This is because other supporting organisations rely on people being able to access public funds, something that people seeking asylum are restricted from (they are ‘NRPF‘).

We are a network of individuals from different organisations. Many of us would ideally aim to tackle homelessness wherever it occurs, but recognise the uniquely difficult situation that people seeking sanctuary can be in, and so prioritise support for those who need it the most.


The Network:

Cardiff Social Centre collective
Trinity Project (Trinity Centre)
Tros Gynnal Plant
Welsh Refugee Council


The original Cardiff City of Sanctuary destitution working group was supported by:

Cardiff Migrant Solidarity
Potters Temple Church
Tros Gynnal Plant


We’d like to give a big thanks to them for their initial support.


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