ShareDYDD hosts support reaches 1500 nights

The Sharedydd hosting scheme has recently seen hosts total an amazing 1500 nights of support for vulnerable people in the Cardiff area.

The Sharedydd scheme was started by friends who were hosting people for some years before the scheme was formalised in April 2014. After analysis of support given to people between April 2014 and March 2015, it was found that hosts in the Sharedydd scheme had given in total approximately 1400 nights support to people who would otherwise be without a proper roof over their head.

The information was complied for a NACCOM Report, which is due out at the 8th NACCOM conference in Derby in September.

During that time, 14% of people hosted were female, and 86% male. People were from 11 different nations, and hosted across Cardiff and beyond in a growing number of host houses.

It has since been calculated that at least a further 100 nights of support have been given to people since March 2015, bringing the total number of nights up to 1500, all in only a few years and with a small team working to make this happen.

We’ve got a lot to be proud of, but also a lot more to do, as homelessness is on the rise, we hope you can join the network and help make a difference to people’s lives. for more information about how you can help, please email Thank you.

Seasons greetings from Cardiff Destitution Network

The organisations and friends of the Cardiff Destitution Network, and volunteers of ShareDYDD, wish to send to all in Cardiff, and the surrounding towns and cities, the best for the season and the year ahead.

Looking back, although homelessness is still a present feature, there are signs that we can say it’s been a good year for the growth of the struggle against destitution. ShareDYDD, although still under-resourced, is now much more established and has helped to create regular meetings of the newly re-established ‘Cardiff Destitution Network’, now changing its format to become broader, more inclusive, and more responsive, as more organisations have helped to relaunch it, and are working together to meet the needs of a long term co-ordinated effort to tackle destitution.

More on this in the new year when we also plan to start an appeal, any help with which will be appreciated and you can email jayne.conlon[@] or addisonbloom[@] with any offers. We’d also like to share the appeal of another organisation helping the homeless in Cardiff:

Please think about supporting them this Christmas. But we will need your support in the New Year as we continue to build on our work in the two years since we started. Thanks to everyone who has helped us so far and we look forward to making 2015 an even better year for the struggle against homelessness and destitution.

Hosting statement by one of ShareDYDD’s hosts.


For me, hosting people who are seeking asylum and are looking for a short-term place to live has been very positive. Having initially approached hosting with some reservations, I have found it to be enjoyable and a wonderful opportunity to develop friendships with people from varied cultures and life experiences whom I would otherwise have not had the pleasure to meet and get to know. Hosting has undoubtedly enriched my life, as well as left me feeling grateful for being able to support people in this way. In turn, the support that I have received in being a host has been excellent, and it has been wonderful to be part of the growing network of hosts in the Cardiff area.

(M. Jones, Oct 2014)

Action on Destituion workshop at Cardiff World Homeless Day event.

Homelessness-Awareness-posterThis Saturday (11th October) sees an event that is bringing together organisations across Cardiff to work to tackle homelessness in our area.

People from ShareDYDD will be there to host a workshop on destitution of those seeking sanctuary in our communities. We’d like to invite everyone to this free event, with info-talks on a variety of issues relating to homelessness, as well as food from Cardiff Food not Bombs, kids activities, art, music and speakers.

The workshop on destitution for those in our community who are No Recourse to Public Funds is at 5:30pm in the upstairs room*.

*We apologise in advance for the lack of accessibility to this workshop, and will work to rearrange it if it happens that anyone with access needs wants to be a part of it. If this applies to you, you can get in touch with us at sharedydd[@], or by phone on the day, but do not expect anyone to have to do this, as we will anyway work to re-arrange the workshop if necessary.

We look forward to seeing you there.

For more about the event see:

Cardiff Destitution Network statement and meeting

Cardiff Destitution Network has recently released a statement to its supporters on the last year of action.

“It’s not been an easy year at the Cardiff Destitution Network, while we are grateful to the Welsh Refugee Council for sharing their office space with us, we’ve struggled to keep on top of administration and publicity, and as we are all volunteers, haven’t had enough time to keep the website up-to-date with reports and news.  But we’d like to bring this statement out today to keep you in the loop about what we’ve been up to, ShareDYDD success stories and our future aims.

Even though it’s often been a struggle to get this network off the ground and find hosts at very short notice for most of the people we meet, we’ve been growing slowly and are more than pleased with the successes and results experienced together over the last few months. We have already hosted around 20 people in the Cardiff area! And everyone that we’ve helped to house temporarily has touched us by their stories of hardship and hope and gratitude, and we’re more dedicated than ever to help people get off the streets and under a roof, helping where local services haven’t, and giving people the chance to take a decision about their future that sleeping rough just cannot bring.

In June this year we held a sleep-out in Newport as part of Refugee Week Wales, and even though it was hit with some problems at the place we planned to stay, it was a great success for us as it was our first event, and brought many new people together who hadn’t previously met or taken any action on destitution. It helped to bring many of us together and raise our voice in Newport. We’ve since been talking to N&DRSG about working together on destitution in some way in the future, and one of us is going to attend regular networking meetings in Newport that are soon, and will use this forum to put destitution on the agenda in Newport.

We put a lot of effort into our event in July with Dave Smith of Boaz trust, Manchester, and was pleased to welcome some of our new hosts from Barry, and to hear some emotive stories of hope and enriching of lives from some of our existing ShareDYDD hosts. The event was a success as it raised our profile, gave us the confidence to start working on our planned speaking tour, and brought in our first ever donations.

ShareDYDD was recently mentioned in the Permaculture Works newsletter put out by Paramaethu Cymru. While this in itself didn’t generated any immediate offers of hosting, it’s helped to further raise our profile and we’re grateful to Paramaethu Cymru for the publicity and the prospects of working closer together in the future.

We have great plans for the next few months, that include a meeting tomorrow in Cardiff with other organisations to build the network, and a speaking tour of as many places of worship in Cardiff and the south Wales area as we can manage.

We thank everyone again for their all their support and as we plan to grow, and expand into new areas of support, hope that as more people hear of us, we can continue to support the community around us in every way possible. And as we highlight the need for a fairer system and a more equal society, look to see more communities working in solidarity, until no-one is cast aside and marginalised. The values that bring hope and peace to the world can always help to build a society where people support each other in times of need, we have that as our aim, and we need more people who agree with us to help make that happen.

You are welcome to all our future meetings, or just get in touch with us with any ideas, offers or suggestions. We are there for everyone. Thank you for being there with us.”

The next meeting we have is tomorrow, Wednesday 8th October, at 2pm at the Welsh Refugee Council. All other meetings will go on our Upcoming events page.

Evening event to discuss destitution in Cardiff

Dave Smith founder of the Boaz Trust and the No Accommodation Network (NACCOM) will be giving a talk on the issue of migrant destitution on Tuesday July 15th, at 6:30pm, at Oasis, Splott Methodist Church, 69b Splott Rd.

Dave Smith poster

Home Secretary, Theresa May has stated a desire to create a “hostile environment” for all but “the brightest and best” migrants. This will mean one thing for those placed outside of such a narrow classification: more difficult living conditions to negotiate. One could be excused for pointing out the fact however, that such an environment is already very much extant and has been for some time. Over the past fifteen years or so a host of legislative changes

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Sleep out for Dignity not Destitution in Newport!

Activists and supporters of local destitution action groups based in Cardiff, Newport and the Vale of Glamorgan plan to sleep-out tonight as part of Refugee Week to highlight the increasing amount of destitution among UK asylum applicants and other migrants.

This is also part of a wider attack on the poor and we are in solidarity with all rough sleepers.

The sleep-out will take place at St. Paul’s Church on Commercial Street in Newport City Centre tonight from 7:30pm.

Come and find us for music, food, games, dancing and more as we highlight destitution and tackle it together across South Wales.

Stay for an hour or two or stay the night – sleeping bags and everything will be there with us 🙂

Contact phone number: 0759 777 3089.

Dignity not Destitution march comes to Cardiff!

After two years of marches in Bristol, and inspired by a 450km march taking place from Strasbourg to Brussels currently underway, the Dignity not Destitution group plans to march from Bristol to Cardiff from the 29th May to 2nd June.

This year the solidarity walk aims to protest against the tightening of Borders across Europe, to resist the system of forced destitution and to raise awareness about issues facing asylum seekers in the UK.
It will leave Bristol on Thursday 29th May and march to Cardiff, arriving on the 2nd June. The plan is to meet with groups along the way and learn from each other.
“We invite groups and individuals to join us and walk together against the violence of Fortress Europe.”
A discussion is due with people in Newport on Saturday 1st June – more details to be announced soon…
And a demonstration is planned at UK Border Agency’s offices on Newport Road, Cardiff on Monday 2nd June.
Meet at City Hall, Cathays Park at 11am
We will march from City Hall to the Home Office on Newport Road to demand justice from the Home Office.


For information about the whole event and the group behind it see: